Facebook Marketing

Dont Miss Out

Facebook is the number 2 website online, and is more thank likely number one when it comes to marketing your business locally.

People spend countless hours on their phones, tablets, and computers sharing pictures, memes, and local business information.  From car repair to boutiques, Facebook allows you to market to a group of individuals who you feel best suit your type of business.  From age, gender, and a endless list of interests.


Are you looking to grow and expand your Facebook presence?  Did you know there is a potential reach of 500,000 people through Facebook just in the North Hills of Pittsburgh?  Our Facebook following and community groups in North Hills, Cranberry, Pine Richland, Allison Park, and more allow us to get you right of thousands of people in your target marketplace!

Whether you are comfortable with Facebook, or you need a little assistance…WE CAN HELP!

Around Pittsburgh on Facebook

We market businesses on our own page.  We currently stand at near 30,000 followers just on our Facebook page.  We also are able to network with many affiliated local groups, and pages to help get your name out there to the local consumers.

From local discussions, coupons, and giveaways, AroundPittsburgh.com is constantly providing information to the local followers keep people engaged on our page.